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Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment 140ml

Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment 140ml

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LIRIKOS Marine Triple Treatment

▶ Manufacturer : AMORE PACIFIC

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Volume : 140ml

▶ Major ingredients
: 3 kinds of marine plankton 90.93% (Brown Plankton, Blue Plankton, Green Plankton)
▶  Product description
: Contains 90.93% of phytoplankton from billions of years ago
: Marin eplankton is marine eco system with earth's energy source
: 3 kinds of major plant plankton ingredients from biotechnology for beautiful skin
   - Brown Plankton : provide moisture and energy 
   - Blue Plankton : antioxidant plankton to brighten skin tone
   - Green Plankton : 24 hours a phenomenal four differentiated cell vitality
: Water + Whitening + Elastic complete care of three skin troubles 
: Booster + Toner + Essence 3 in 1 multi-item 
: Colourless + + oil-free fragrance-free
▶  How to use
* How to use specially made facial cotton for triple treatment
1. After face wash use 2.5ml(coin size) to wet on the cotton. 
2. Wipe t-zone gently, for u-zone lift gently and tap for absorption.